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100 Positive Affirmations to Recover from an Addiction

Content Intervention: Help a loved one overcome addiction addicted What is stigma? Words Related to Addiction It requires that Medicaid and all insurance plans sold on the Health Insurance Exchange provide services for substance use disorder treatment at the same level as other medical procedures. Commonly referred to as the Affordable Care Act, ACA, or […]

It requires that Medicaid and all insurance plans sold on the Health Insurance Exchange provide services for substance use disorder treatment at the same level as other medical procedures. Commonly referred to as the Affordable Care Act, ACA, or “Obamacare” after US president, Barack Obama, under whose government the law was formulated and enacted. A theory of motivation and emotion used as a model for drug addiction, that postulates that emotions are pairs of opposites.

Below we’re reviewing some of the most powerful positive recovery words ideal for those moving through the process of Colorado addiction treatment. Different tools work for different people, but ongoing therapy and self-help groups such as Narcotics Anonymous help many. Healthcare providers may recommend cognitive and behavioral therapies alone or in combination with medications. Treatment for SUD often requires continuing care to be effective, as SUD is a chronic condition with the potential for both recovery and relapse.

Intervention: Help a loved one overcome addiction

They are non-professional, and require that residents are abstinent from alcohol and other drugs. While they are not affiliated with 12-step mutual-help organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous, members are traditionally encouraged – though not mandated – to attend meetings. Members pay rent, and can stay there as long as needed, provided they follow house rules.

positive word for addiction

can save lives, but the majority of people with OUD in the United
States receive no treatment at all. Confronting the major barriers to
the use of medications to treat OUD is critical to addressing the opioid
crisis. Withholding or failing to have available all classes of
FDA-approved medications for the treatment of OUD in any care setting is
denying appropriate medical treatment. I also worry about the implications of the wide-scale adoption of the notion of “positive addiction.” Its adoption would underscore a distinction between the right and wrong sorts of addictions/addicts. The “positive addicts” would be seen as morally praiseworthy while the rest of us would continue to be painted with the brush of moral blameworthiness. To be fair, there already is a distinction many draw between the right and wrong sorts of addicts.


A physician who is board-certified as a psychiatrist with specialized training in addiction diagnosis, treatment, and management. Addiction psychiatrists can provide therapy, although most emphasize and prescribe medications and work in collaboration with social workers, psychologists, or counselors who provide psychotherapy. The following is a list of words and phrases to avoid and words to use in their place. Together, with a unified language, we can help reshape the landscape and end the negative stereotypes and stigma of addiction. And by doing so, we can remove barriers that continue to hold back too many people from the lifesaving treatment they need. Stigma around addiction may come from old and inaccurate ideas, or fear of things that are different or misunderstood.

positive word for addiction

Mantras like, “Live and let live” or “One day at a time”, convey some big ideas in very few words. For example, if you want to avoid spending time with people who drag you Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Sober House down, think about how that will make you a better person. Instead of saying “I won’t let other people drag me down” say “I only spend time with people who uplift me”.

What is stigma?

In some cases, caring for yourself implies knowing when to leave a relationship. If you are in a relationship with an addict, you may struggle to understand why your partner continues to use, despite the negative consequences. Unfortunately, by the time a person exhibits symptoms of addiction, it may be too late to simply stop using.

It is common for addicts to struggle with multiple addictions–for instance, polydrug abuse. Some may be able to curb their substance abuse, but without fully addressing their underlying issues, they develop another addiction such as pornography, gambling or overeating. In essence, the new addiction becomes just another way to avoid core issues. This research explores the role of materialism, and social comparison to brand addiction in relation to compulsive buying. A structural equation modeling was used to analyze data through partial least squares by collecting online data in Vietnam. The research findings explain social comparison is an antecedent leading to addictive behavior.

For the addict, caring for yourself means taking a hard look at your current situation, recognizing that you do in fact have a problem and accepting help. The alternatives to the stigmatizing language are consistent with the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V). The progressive or gradual increase in drug dosage to reach an optimal therapeutic outcome.

What is an antonym for addicted?

dependant, dependent, drug-addicted, hooked, strung-out. addicted to a drug. Antonyms: unaddicted. not addicted. clean.

The mixture of agonist and antagonist is intended to reduce craving while preventing misuse of the medication. The percentage of addicted persons undergoing treatment, who achieve abstinence or remission following treatment in some stated time period (e.g., in the year following discharge from treatment) Sometimes referred to as “success rate”. An approach to drug policy that is a coordinated, comprehensive effort that balances public health & safety in order to create safer, healthier communities, measuring success by the impact of both drug use & drug policies on the public’s health. Proposed by Richard Jessor in 1991, Problem Behavior Theory is a conceptual framework that examines factors leading to adolescent substance use.

Johns Hopkins Medicine Resources

Keep pushing forward, and know that you are capable of achieving a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life in recovery. Addiction is a complex disease of the brain and body that involves compulsive use of one or more substances despite serious health and social consequences. Words can often serve as key motivators for individuals and families seeking positive change. Many who have embarked on a journey to sobriety have proclaimed how important positive recovery words are to the process. Everyone comes from a vastly different background and every situation, life story, struggle, and hardship is unique. Words, believe it or not, can make an incredible difference in overcoming difficult situations.

What does God say about addiction?

1 Corinthians 10:13

This verse has to do with temptations, which can certainly include addiction. The key point that addicts and loved ones of addicts should take from this verse is the last sentence: “But when you are tempted, He [God] will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.”

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