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Nutrition Trends: Products Worth Knowing

Strict calorie counting is out and replaced by nutrition gurus and specialty products that will make your diet healthier and your life better. Where to start and is everything suitable for everyone? From collagen to protein bars – what will do you good? Gluten, intermittent fasting, superfood, protein and collagen. If you too have encountered […]

Strict calorie counting is out and replaced by nutrition gurus and specialty products that will make your diet healthier and your life better. Where to start and is everything suitable for everyone? From collagen to protein bars – what will do you good?

Gluten, intermittent fasting, superfood, protein and collagen. If you too have encountered these concepts a sign that you are looking for the next trend in matters of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. The past year has brought us all home to the kitchen. Suddenly, as we started cooking, we became more familiar with ingredients and looked for healthy substitutes for everything that existed.

One of the trends is actually “without” – gluten-free, milk-free, meat-free and of course sugar-free. But not only did he not work hard this year, also intermittent eating or in fact intermittent fasting became a trend, leaving many people without breakfast or dinner and with hours when only they could eat.

If you are less connected to trends, sometimes even small changes or familiarity with special products, can make the difference. Come get to know with us some products and changes that can improve your quality of life without a lot of work in the kitchen.


We are sure that you have heard about the good bacteria that are present in our body and help it function effectively. These good bacteria, which are found mainly in our gut, prevent bad bacteria (or in their professional name – pathogenic bacteria) from causing us infections and diseases. They also help in the processes of breaking down food and make us feel more pleasant and light in the stomach.

Do you lack good bacteria? You will probably feel bloating, diarrhea or constipation and other less pleasant signs for you and the environment. In recent years probiotics have become a trend and are also taken as prevention of abdominal pain or in cases of taking antibiotics (which kills the good bacteria in us as well and not just the bad ones) vaginal discharge and more. Recent studies have shown that probiotics are also associated with satiety, but we do not recommend that you rely on it in your next diet.

How to choose the right probiotics:

Probiotic dose is measured in CFU units, which means the amount of bacteria living in the dose. It is not always necessary to take a large amount because the bacteria, like all bacteria, multiply. You can eat probiotic-enriched yogurts or buy supplements. Also look for probiotics made with technology that protects the bacteria from stomach acidity.


Did you know that more than 70% of our skin weight is made up of collagen protein? The function of collagen is to build some of the connective tissues in the body such as skin, cartilage, muscle tendons and more. It is important and significant, only there is a problem, as we get older the collagen dwindles and the lack of it is well felt both on the elasticity of the skin, cartilage and joints as well as on the appearance of the skin (in other words the skin wrinkles and becomes thin and the joints ache). To give us a more beautiful and youthful look and of course to prevent joint pain, collagen has managed to become one of the most talked about supplements in recent times.

Where is Collagen Found? Collagen is found in our diet mainly in bones and cartilage. If you twisted your nose you are probably the majority. It turns out that our diet is low in collagen, so if you want to enrich it with enough collagen, you should use supplements.

How to choose the right collagen:

You will find collagen in various powders. You should choose collagen made from fish and one that has undergone the hydrolysis process in which enzymes are added to the collagen which break it down so that the particles can be absorbed by the body.

Protein snack they have become in recent years the last word in a balanced diet, and not for nothing. They are tasty and satisfying and usually contain protein that is important to us after a workout and in general. In any fast-paced routine not everyone finds time to eat, and protein bars can meet a need when you’re in the office or on the go. Also about the need to eat something tasty but not overdo it with sugar and carbs, protein bars answer. Proud’s protein bars contain about 17/34 grams of protein, are enriched with whey and come in a variety of sizes, to suit any time and place.

How to choose the right protein snack

First of all it is important not to compromise on taste. This is a snack and it should be delicious for you. It is always worth looking at the list of ingredients and understanding what the snack contains. Look for a protein snack that contains a large amount of protein and less sugars. There are snacks where a large amount of carbohydrates and sugar, it is better to choose something more nutritious that will also provide value to the body.

Vitamins and minerals

True it is not new but in the last year with the conversations about the corona, the conversations about vitamins and minerals have taken a significant place in the conversation. The discussion about vitamin C and vitamin D and other vitamins has been linked to both physical and mental resilience. The world has realized that a healthy diet that includes intake of vitamins, has implications for quality of life and health.

What are vitamins? It is an organic substance that our body needs for its proper activity, usually in really small amounts. The thing is, the body cannot usually produce these substances on its own. And we need them from external sources, such as the food we eat or bacteria that live in our body and produce the vitamin for us (remember the good probiotics and bacteria?).

How to choose the right vitamins and minerals?

This is about consumption and easy choice – start eating fruits and vegetables and lots of it, choose a natural diet, combine natural juices and dietary fiber, which will preserve your gut and bacteria. If you think you are deficient in vitamins or minerals, you can check this with a blood test and consult a doctor about supplements.

תזונה ירוקה:

We do not mean wheatgrass, which was trendy in the early 2000s, or other greens, but a diet that tries to respect the earth. The intention is to include in our menu products that are close to our home and do not require transportation that pollutes (less flights and transportation and thus less pollution to our blue ball). The trend also applies to materials and products that will not cause contamination on the planet and require treatment and growth relatively quickly (hint less meat that requires large inputs) and more legumes.

How to choose a green diet:

Very simple – looking for local products, those that are produced by us or close to us. Also look for a minimum of packaging and do not forget to recycle the packaging after you have eaten.

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